FISH (Long Form) Grant Application

Please draft your grant application details offline in Microsoft Word or another program and save a copy for your records. Then copy and paste the information into the appropriate fields below and submit.

FISH (Long Form) Grant Application

  • FISH (Long Form) Grant Application Overview

  • 100 words max
  • How many students will be impacted and how will they be actively involved in the project?
  • This may be the total budget.
  • Grants from other organizations, fund raising, etc.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Grant Project Description

  • Describe the student, teacher or program need that your project is addressing. Provide background to the problem you are trying to solve. How will this program benefit your students' education?
  • How does your project display innovation?
  • List the specific objectives of the project (a numbered or bulleted list is fine.)
  • Describe in detail the work that will be done during the course of the project.

    • Steps taken to complete the project.
    • If and how any equipment will be utilized.
    • The format and content of any training.
    • Any off-site field trip.
  • Is this a district-wide project, and if so, how can you replicate this in our schools leading to greater impact from your work?
  • List the evaluation criteria that will be used to define the project's success after completion. If applicable, use quantitative (measurable) criteria and define the rating system for each criteria.
  • Project Budget

  • Please use these categories: "Supplies, Equipment, Training, Other"
    CategoryDescriptionEstimated Cost ($) 
  • Grant Calendar

    Fall Grant

    • Application Deadline: Oct. 30
    • Program Taking Place: Nov-April

    Spring Grant

    • Application Deadline: April 30
    • Program Taking Place: May-Oct
  • Your form will be emailed to appropriate building principal based on the school you select here.
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