Enriching Spearfish Public Schools in grades Kindergarten through 12th.

What is the Spearfish Foundation for Public Education?

The Spearfish Foundation for Public Education is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to academic enrichment of the Spearfish Public Schools.

The SFPE provides funding to support valuable educational experiences and innovative projects for Spearfish Public Schools.  Funds raised augment school system revenues that are provided by taxes, state aid, and other parent and student led fundraising efforts.

When was SFPE started?

This foundation was created in 2001 by citizens concerned by a significant cut in funding for our schools.

Why is the Spearfish Foundation for Public Education necessary?

Our foundation is necessary to ensure the caliber of educational experiences sought after in excellent classrooms everywhere.  Your support means greater academic opportunities for ALL students, today and into the future.

Spearfish is a community that values education.  We must continue to offer that to our children.  Supporting excellence in education is vital to maintaining a vibrant community.

Do other South Dakota schools have foundations?

Yes, many other school districts in South Dakota have established foundations to support their classrooms.

What makes the SFPE unique to other nonprofit fundraisers in Spearfish?

Our funds are used exclusively for academic programs and projects within the Spearfish School District.

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